The Island

I lay back in the hammock and took another sip of my margarita through the pink straw. The sun was beating down and I could feel perspiration mingling with sun cream on my midriff. I carelessly hung my leg over the side of the hammock and lifted my head enough to gaze out through the heat haze to the sea. It was perfectly blue, just like the sky and there was no one in site, just a small boat heading towards the beach. I watched it approach and then it stopped and a man waded through the shallow water towards me. I lifted up my sunglasses to get a better look at him. He was wearing thin pale trousers rolled up to the knee revealing muscular tanned calves and bare feet. His vinyl and mesh t-shirt was half buttoned up revealing a tanned chest with dark hair. His face was strong and smiling and his shock of hair fell over his eyes as he walked towards me lifting up his sunglasses to pin his hair back on the top of his head.

‘Would you like a ride in my boat, down to the next island? I provide a picnic and it only costs $5. I was tempted to just stay in my hammock all day but he was so good looking that I couldn’t resist the afternoon in his company. I explained that I would have to return to my beach hut to collect my purse and he agreed to meet me back on the beach in half an hour, which would give him time to buy the picnic and see if there were and other customers. I ran back to the hut and tied a swimsuit coverup around my waist covering my pink bikini bottoms and slipped a knotted shirt over my head. I grabbed my floppy sun hat and rustled in my purse until I found $5. I picked up a bottle of water and headed back for the beach.

When I arrived he was already there and I was pleased to see that he was alone. ‘No more customers?’ I enquired. ‘No, there’s no one around I think they must have all gone into town. I’m Nick by the way’. ‘Samantha’, I responded shaking the strong hand that he had held out to me. I followed him to the edge of the sea and lifted my coverup so that I didn’t get it wet as I waded out to his boat. The water was warm but refreshing and I instantly felt cooler.

Although the boat was small there was surprisingly a lot of room to stretch out, as we were the only two people on it. Nick expertly started the small engine and soon we were zooming along towards the next island, which was just around the next outcrop of coast. It was quite noisy and the wind was taking my breath away so we didn’t speak until we reached the island. Nick helped me out of the boat and we waded ashore. He started telling me about the history of the island and then asked me about my vacation. I explained that I had been medically advised to take a break as I was so stressed from work and this type of sunny relaxing vacation was just what I needed.

‘I know how to help stress’ he said and began to massage my shoulders. Although they were nowhere near as tense as they were before I came on vacation it still felt really good. Nick pulled my babydoll shirt down from my shoulders and put some sun tan lotion into his hands gently rubbing it over my shoulders and massaging it down my back. It was bliss and I was soon lying down on a towel from the boat stripped down to my g string swimwear with Nick rubbing my back all over.

I turned over after a while, thinking that his arms must be tired but he continued to massage me over the front of my shoulders and then over my naked stomach. Looking up into his face made me feel that I needed something else to take away all the tension. I think he must have read my mind because his lips were on mine, kissing me and gently running his tongue over my lips parting them and exploring inside. I pulled him down on top of me. I parted my legs and wrapped them round his back and pulled him on me as tightly as I could. Our hands were exploring each other I pushed him back up and unbuttoned his shirt running my fingers gently over his chest hairs, He rubbed his fingers up my arms over my shoulders and then gently over my breasts rubbing my nipples through the thin fabric of my bikini. Then he smiled as he realized that my bathing suit was front fastening and he easily undid the clasp revealing my breasts. The breeze blew across my erect nipples making them stand even taller and he gently pressed his lips to each one kissing them and the massaged my breasts very gently.

By now I was examining him to see how turned on he was. I ran my fingers over the front of his trousers and felt his hardening cock. I undid the buttons of his swim trunks and pulled them down, revealing a large bulge in his mens lingerie. I quickly pulled them down too and began to stroke the hard erection in front of me. I gently stroked his balls and the massaged his cock a little. Then I sat up so that I could taste him. I took as much into my mouth as I could and he moaned as he struggled to undo the knot of my coverup.

Soon I was lying on the towel just in my bikini bottoms and he was stroking me through the thin damp fabric. He was gently licking one of my nipples and searching for my clitoris with his naughty fingers. He had ventured inside my bottoms now and was rubbing my sticky juices up and down my slit making me shudder with pleasure. He concentrated on my clitoris for a while and I moaned as his gently rubbed his wet finger over it. He then removed my bikini bottoms and opened my thighs wide kneeling down in between my legs. He bent down to taste my juices and I gasped as I felt his gentle tongue probing around my most private parts. He dipped it inside me and I wriggled to get it deeper as I so longed to be filled up. He could see my urgency so he sat up and put his cock towards my mouth so that I could help it back to full erection. I hardly had to lick it before it was dripping with precome and he quickly urged me to get onto my hands and knees. I obliged and longed for his cock inside me.

I was not disappointed as I soon felt his erection touching my pussy and then sliding gently inside me. I couldn’t help myself and began urgently thrusting backwards onto it. He laughed at my desperation and matched my rhythm filling me with his adequate swollen cock. I could feel an orgasm building up inside me and I began to rub my clitoris in order to help me come. He was pounding furiously now and growing inside me, I gasped as I come closer and closer to coming, frantically rubbing myself to give myself maximum pleasure. He was breathing heavily and began moaning himself as he found some extra energy and thrust even harder and I came, shuddering and screaming all the tension being released. He withdrew as I collapsed onto the towel and I felt his come dripping onto my back and over my ass as he moaned and the collapsed on top of me.

The rest of my vacation was a dream, every day we took the boat to the deserted island and had sex under the heat of the sun until we had no energy left and we sailed back.


Transparent Lingerie- Always Perfect for a Night of Passion

If you want to add a little passion and excitement to your night, why don’t you try wearing transparent lingerie? This will ignite both of your senses and can give your partner reasons to love you even more.

Shopping for transparent lingerie is easier these days because of the many lingerie shops that provide endless collections of lingerie. Another way to shop for transparent lingerie is through the internet wherein you can have more and better lingerie choices. You can have access to countless lingerie websites that provide exciting collections of transparent lingerie as well as other impressive intimate apparels. Whether you need to rekindle the love between you and your partner or just want to add more passion to your romance, transparent lingerie is your key. Wearing the perfect and seductive transparent lingerie will surely captivate your man’s heart all over again.

Erotic thongs are a great way to make you feel sexy and look amazing. You can choose different colors that can reveal your real beauty. Risqué body stockings can create a very passionate image for your partner as well. If you are the daring type, go for exotic swimwear when you are vacationing on a private beach or even at the pool in your own home. Wearing exotic swimsuits can give you more confidence and power over your man and can make him more drawn into you.

Sheer lingerie is the best choice to wear for your wedding night or your anniversary. This can surprise your loved one all the more. You can feel more beautiful with sheer see-thru lingerie with its soft lace designs. With different kinds of transparent lingerie, your man will appreciate and love you more.

For every woman, buying bridal lingerie is necessary. Every bride wants to be the most beautiful and the sexiest woman in her man’s eyes. Her wedding day has to be special and wearing bridal lingerie can make every woman’s dream come true. Buying bridal lingerie is as important as the wedding gown itself. Bridal lingerie must be smooth lace and satin to make the bride feel like a princess. Having the perfect bridal lingerie can be a good head start into an intimate wedding night.

For a passionate night, you can choose between soft and shiny satin and delicate silk. Most young brides like to have lingerie that is made of pure silk, which is more feminine and delicate to touch. Moreover, silk lingerie is a natural fabric that gives the woman to move freely. Silk caresses the body lightly, which makes it ideal to wear under a beautiful wedding dress.

On the other hand, some brides prefer the smooth effect of satin under the wedding gown instead of lace and silk. The best thing about satin lingerie is that it is very flattering to the body and gives a seamless smooth effect under the wedding gown.

There are different kinds of transparent lingerie that are perfect for every woman’s taste. If you are planning to purchase transparent lingerie to have a more passionate love affair, you must select the best lingerie for you. Make sure that you spend enough time and effort in looking for lingerie so you will not be disappointed on your special night.


Make Sure You’re Ready For Summer

Are you ready to hit the beach? Are you ready to have some splashing fun with your friends as you all enjoy ice cold beverages? Perhaps you are setting your sights to just letting go and diving into the cool waters and forgetting all about your boss and the boring job. Well, make sure that you have everything covered and plan the perfect vacation. You have to have a nice swimsuit to go with the summer look: shades and flip flops. And if you are even thinking of forgoing the swimsuit because you have a bit more weight than the rest of your friends, then you are surely going to miss a lot.

Number one rule: Everyone can wear a bikini. Number two rule is to find the right bikini for you. Come on, admit it. Your beach getaway will never be complete if you are not attired well. How will you feel in a t-shirt and shorts while your friends are wearing swimsuits? The key is to find the right style, size and shape for your body, and you will be off having more fun at the beach. Plus size swimwear is something that you should not be ashamed to buy.

Now, when you are out buying plus size swimwear, remember that you need to choose a style that you are comfortable in. If you are a bit shy exposing your entire body, then go for a one piece suit in your favorite color, or in colors that really bring out your eyes or skin or hair. The key here is maximizing the good things and forgetting about the excess weight. You must be comfortable with the cut as well. Flattering cuts are low or plunging neck lines or backless suits. These cuts work well with any body shape and can really give you a different sense of confidence within yourself. If you are not very wild about the whole bikini bottom thing going on, then you can choose boy leg bottoms or even short shorts as they provide more coverage. Or you can get a one piece suit and just wear a sarong or shorts over it. Being able to wear a bikini or a swimsuit is really a liberating experience that you should not miss, plus sized or not.

Other than plus size swimwear you also need to prepare other things for your summer beach getaway. Other essentials are big hats with wide brims, glasses and sun block lotion. Remember that suntan lotions are not the same as sun block lotions or creams. Sun tan is a product that allows you to tan evenly, but it does not necessarily mean that it will also prevent you from the harmful rays of the sun. Some sun tan lotions do have some form of sun protection, but it is better and safer to go with the ones that are really labeled as sun block. And when you do get sun block, make sure that you can see Zinc as one of the active ingredients of the product, as this substance really protects you against sun damage.


The Most Popular Style For Summer Dresses

In a funny way, summer dresses will always be in style, regardless of the season. Of course, you will have to admit that wearing your favorite flirty, sunny, sexy summer dress during the summer serves its name and purpose.

This kind of dress is really a wardrobe staple. It simply says “fresh, youthful and happy’ whenever you put it on. The designs of summer dresses year after year have been more or less the same. Short, hot dresses with bold prints that you can lounge in at the beach or by the pool is the basic inspiration. For 2009, the trend gives you much more option, a bit more style and definitely a tad more glam. Read up on this year’s most popular style for summer dresses.

Beginning with the silhouette, this year calls for one that is A-lined instead of the straight silhouette in the past. This is very similar to other kinds of dresses actually. For this season, dresses are 60’s inspired and have that classy, flirty and very girly appeal to them that women will simply adore. The skirt and the shoulder level are definitely wider. Summer dresses in the past have gone from very long to very short. For this year, the most popular style is the one with a hemline right above the knee—not too short and not too long. This gives you just enough leg exposure. Pleats, bows, ruffles and drapes are also very popular in summer dresses. Again, instead of the very sexy cut of the neckline being too low, popular designs this season boast of boat necklines or Sabrina cut necklines.

Another famous style this season is the kaftan or kimono inspired summer dress. Much like its inspiration, these dresses are simply altered to give you that beach look or a cover up over your sexy bikini.

As you can see, the silhouette can very much vary. This is because women have different body types and not one style of silhouette can satisfy every single woman. On the other hand, there is one thing that can be referred to as the most popular style for summer dresses. This can be the design itself. There are dresses that come in abstract shapes and colors. There are also those that boast bold block colors. The one thing that is very popular this season is floral prints or garden inspired prints.

Nothing is sexier, fresher or more youthful looking than a breezy splash of flower prints on your summer dress. It adds this cool feminine touch to your personality and overall look that makes you feel more beautiful. Floral designs speak of color, beauty and life—things essential to the summer. It reminds you of enjoying the summer heat and feeling alive. In addition to this, any woman will certainly look glamorous in a garden inspired number.

There really is no better way to enjoy the summer heat. Lounge around by the pool or hit your favorite beach with a colorful floral printed sundress. It is one sure way to take the heat off your summer days.


Time To Get Rid Of The Old

The holidays are finally over. Now that I have a few extra minutes I decided that it was time to clean up my lingerie drawers and get rid of my old, worn out bra sets. As I was doing this, I noticed that I don’t stay very organized and I had lingerie that I should have tossed months ago. I couldn’t believe that I own a lingerie store and I can’t even find the time to organize and replace my own hot lingerie in a timely manner.

I spend all day selling erotic lingerie and plus size lingerie, yet it looks like I need to start taking some of my own advice. I decided to toss my old, torn and worn out thigh highs, body stockings, bras and panties. I couldn’t have picked a better time because our new 2009 hot lingerie line has just arrived!

As I was throwing out all my old lingerie, I found myself feeling like a little girl and I could wait to start picking out my new lingerie. The first thing I did after cleaning up my drawers was order myself some new lingerie (and I also couldn’t stop myself from ordering a new little black dress- I figure I will need it sometime this summer).

I can tell you first hand that the new 2009 lingerie styles are not only classy and fashionable, but they make you feel like a million bucks. This was the relaxation I had been needing. There is no better feeling than the excitement of purchasing new lingerie and then putting on the soft, sexy fabrics for the first time. I also have to say that I love the way my husband looks at me when I strut out of the bathroom in my new laced corset.


Improving Your Self Esteem

We have all heard the term self-esteem, either in daily conversations or in a psychology class that we took in college. Just to review, self-esteem is defined as how a person feels about oneself. It is thought to develop during our childhood; self-esteem is initially affected by how you were treated by people closes to you, mainly your parents. Believe it or not, our self-esteem determines many aspects of who we are as a person; how successful we become, our personality, our outlook on life and how other people view us. This is because emotions are a very powerful thing. How we view and think about ourselves determines our behaviors, which in turn affects how others think about and treat us.

If a person believes in them self and has a positive attitude, they are thought to have high self-esteem. On the other hand, if a person doesn’t believe in them self and has a negative attitude, they are thought to have low self-esteem. Many people have low self-esteem, which can affect every aspect of their lives. It can affect your confidence, ability to have life long friendships, career development and romantic relationships as well. It is important that we don’t confuse low self-esteem with having a bad day or being sad from time to time. As a part of life, we will all have an occasional bad day and just want to run home, put on our favorite nightgown and crawl into bed. The difference is that we get up the next morning and are thankful for a new day. A person with low self-esteem would dwell on the previous bad day, think about how the situation was their fault, even if it wasn’t, and so on.

Something that people with low self-esteem do a lot is criticize, both themselves and others. They spend a lot of time being hard on themselves, which can eventually lead to self-doubt. For example let’s say that you don’t get a promotion at work. A person with low self-esteem would take this to mean that they aren’t good enough for the position and that they will never be good enough for the position. Instead of working hard, proving them self and trying again, this person would give up, stay in their current position and never try again. People with low self-esteem also tend to criticize others. This is their one way of making themselves feel better, by bringing other people down as well. Since the feeling is that they have failed in everything they have tried, they wish for everyone else to fail as well.

Nothing can be more destructive to oneself than negative thoughts, especially when the negative thoughts are coming from you. Doing this can be harmful and can prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams. You need to believe in yourself to accomplish things in life. There is no doubt that accomplishing your goals takes time and hard work. Nothing worthwhile is ever handed to you over night. You need to think positively in order to push yourself and give you the determination that anything is possible, as long as you give it all you’ve got.

It is important to start recognizing your negative thoughts. When a negative thought enters your mind, don’t let it bring you down, but learn to immediately replace this thought with a positive one. It is important that you learn to change your thought pattern, embrace positive thoughts rather than dwelling on the bad. When you spend too much time thinking negatively, these thoughts begin to stay with you at all times and then you begin truly believing them. This then becomes a habit and can be very hard to change.

In order to achieve your goals and dreams in life, you should start taking actions that will help lead you to your desired outcome. If you sit and think about your dreams and realize that you are not making any steps in the right direction in order to achieve them, you are probably not taking actions. One thing to keep in mind is that our thoughts and actions are linked. Positive thoughts lead to taking action, while negative thoughts can hold you back. For example, back to our individual who did not get the promotion at work, maybe it was a degree that prevented this person from getting the promotion. If this is the case, you should start taking some night or weekend classes to obtain the proper degree and then reapply for the position or a similar one that is open at the time. This will help you to accomplish your dream job, rather than thinking you’re not good enough and settling for the one you currently have.

You need to start thinking positive about yourself and your life, believe in yourself and know that you can accomplish anything if you try. Don’t dwell on your mistakes or failures, instead learn from them and let them make you a stronger and more confident person. Try acknowledging your good deeds, instead of overlooking them. Remember that everyone needs to hear they have done a good job from time to time. This is one of the most effective techniques in raising your self-esteem. Next time you do well at something, compliment yourself, tell a friend about it and then treat your self to something nice like a dinner out or even a new sundress. In order to have high self-esteem you must be able to like and love yourself!

Another technique to try in raising your self-esteem is saying positive statements to oneself. When you are feeling down put on your favorite sexy clothing, stand in front of a mirror and say something positive to get your esteem back up. This can be a lengthy statement such as a verse in a song or a poem, or say something simple such as, I am loved just the way I am. Start saying positive things to yourself throughout the day, and you’ll soon see that you will start having higher self-esteem.

You can also improve your self-esteem by hanging out with supportive friends and family members. Make sure that you are hanging out with positive people and making healthy relationships. Don’t surround yourself with negative people that only have mean things to say or that have a poor outlook on life. This is a very effective way of improving your self-esteem. Words of encouragement from your loved ones and friends can do wonders for how you view yourself. Their love, support and understanding will be more powerful than you may believe. Sometimes knowing that people believe in you will encourage you to believe in yourself.

No one is perfect; always keep that in mind. We all make mistakes in life; it is how you deal with your mistakes that will make the difference. Try writing down all of your accomplishments in the last 6-12 months. Think back to the obstacles that occurred for you to accomplish everything you have written down. You will be surprised how many things you were able to overcome and how much you have really accomplished in that small amount of time. When you start feeling bad about yourself, think back to this list. It will help you to remember that you can achieve anything.

Remember that to be successful in raising your self-esteem you need to have a positive attitude. Believe in yourself and remember that you can do anything you put your mind to. In time you will begin to have more positive thoughts than negative ones. You will be amazed at how much better you feel and how much easier it is to maintain relationships. When it comes down to it, we all want to be happy. Start living a better life, with a more positive outlook today; you have nothing to loose.


Plus Size Babydolls- Sexy And Intimate

Plus size babydolls are sexy items that are in every woman’s fantasy closet. They became such an important part of a woman’s underwear closet that the babydoll gained a niche in the clothing industry.

Babydoll lingerie was inspired from (obviously) dresses worn by babies and baby dolls. The skirt is short for easy access in diaper changing. For adults, babydoll lingerie became known during the 1950’s through a movie that starred Carol Baker.

This sexy and intimate lingerie style has tight cups for the breasts and a loose skirt. Some plus size babydolls are designed to be worn as elegant dresses, while other babydoll lingerie dresses are designed mainly to be worn inside the bedroom. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics, all designed for the sexy and not-so-innocent woman.

No one can say no to these sexy and intimate clothes! Here are some reasons why:

• Plus size baby doll lingerie hides the unwanted bodily flaws.
Yes, you read it right. It hides the flaws in your body such as the cellulite, stretch marks and love handles. Babydoll lingerie can hide them all and can get rid of those confidence suppressors.

• Plus size baby doll lingerie shows off your twins.
Like what I said earlier, plus size baby doll lingerie hides your unwanted flaws. They take away the attention on all parts of your body that you may not like and give attention to all your assets, such as your breasts.

• Plus size baby doll lingerie dresses give a contrast.
There is the contrast when it comes to babydoll dresses that you may wear out as compared to the ones worn as lingerie. The fact that babydolls are dresses that initially were made to be worn by babies gives off that look of purity and innocence. On the other hand, the fact that it is worn by an adult as a lingerie adds that ironic innocence and naughtiness with just one look.

• Plus size baby doll lingerie dresses make you appear sexier.
Babydoll dresses have this unique ability of creating a silhouette. Even though you’re gifted with curves or just plain lines, the flowing fabric will make you appear sexier than ever. It’s no wonder these babies are great choices for intimate affairs!

• Plus size baby doll lingerie has limitless selections.
There are a thousand and one designs for babydoll dresses; the selections are endless. You may choose from the simplest silk whites to the most daring see though reds.

• Wearing babydoll dresses are not limited inside the bedroom.
They can be worn in an ordinary day. They can even go well with your simple foot wear. Some babydoll dresses can even be worn on the beach or on a sunny day. There are also babydoll dresses that are designed for formal and special occasions.

They are undoubtedly one great piece of lingerie! Not only will the plus size babydoll lingerie make you look sexy, it will also make you feel sexy!


Lingerie Is A Great Way To Help Raise Your Confidence

No one deserves to feel ugly or unattractive; everyone is beautiful in their own way. While most of us know that true beauty lies within, the feeling you get when you think of yourself as beautiful and sexy is a great way to help raise your confidence. The more confident you are in yourself, the more attractive you become to other people. So, how do you accomplish feeling sexy? You need to find the right combination of clothes and accessories that will emphasize your true beauty within. This sounds like a very simple task, but not everyone is able to find this combination that will make them shine. There are various reasons why people can not find the right clothes and accessories. Some people do not have enough time, money or fashion skills to shop for themselves and enhance their appearance. Many women turn their focus to their families and forget to take care of themselves and other people have just given up. If you fall into in of these categories, don’t worry, there is a simple solution that is guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself.
A great way to help raise your confidence is to purchase and start wearing lingerie. Yes, it is most likely that you are horrified by the very thought of it right now, however you shouldn’t be. Many of us have the miss conception that lingerie equals sex. This is not always the case. Let’s remember that lingerie also includes panties, bras and hosiery. What most people do not realize is that the comfort offered by wearing quality lingerie is both physical and emotional.
Some people have been steered away from the prospect of wearing sexy lingerie because they think it is either too uncomfortable or just too revealing for their tastes. However, this simply means that you haven’t been looking at the right lingerie for your personality. Lingerie is a very broad term. It includes garments such as corsets and teddies, but it also offers styles for the more shy and conservative personalities such as bra sets, nightgowns and babydolls. Most of the lingerie styles offered these days aim to offer absolute comfort to women, allowing them to move around with easy, comfort and confidence. Even the laciest lingerie styles are still very comfortable. Quality lingerie is made of the finest fabrics and even the lace is soft and won’t cause irritation to the skin.
The most important thing to remember when picking out your lingerie is to make sure it matches your tastes and preferences. You don’t have to wear sheer lingerie if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle and personality. Remember that there is more to sexy underwear than just thongs and g-strings, contrary to what most people believe. You can wear boy shorts, which are comfortable and sexy, or corsets, which are elegant and make you look sophisticated. Aside from allowing you to sleep comfortably, sexy underwear comforts you emotionally by building your confidence.
When you put on hot lingerie you begin to view yourself in ways you never have before. Just imagine that great feeling staying with you all day. That is what lingerie can do for you; it allows you to feel good about yourself, no matter what you are wearing over with it or over it. And when you feel confident about yourself, it shows. You will also see that others view you differently, just from the confidence that is shining off you.
Go on ahead and purchase hot lingerie of your very own! It does not matter whether you have a significant other or not, because your aim is to please yourself aesthetically, instead of trying to get another person’s approval. Wear it at night, to work and even when you are alone in the house and soon you will begin to appreciate your own body for what it is, and feel good about yourself.


The Football Match

I always supported by sons hobbies and decided it was about time to take him to a local football match. I took my father along as he was a great fan, as was my husband before he walked out on us. Why my son still went along to the matches I don’t know, I could only imagine that they would bring back bad memories of his father. That is why I decided to go with him.

I needn’t have worried as he soon got involved in the match. At half time I volunteered to go and get hotdogs. They told me to walk around first and not worry about hurrying back, as they were happy watching the match and they knew I was bored.

I walked towards the main buildings and decided to make my way towards the ladies room. When I left I found myself wandering down a strange corridor and I soon realized I had turned the wrong way. I looked into the first door I came to so that I could ask for directions. It was a changing room so I peeped around the corner hoping there would be someone there to give me directions.

I was in for a big surprise. When I went in there was one of the players undressing. I quickly apologized, but he didn’t seem to mind; in fact he wanted to chat.

‘I can’t believe I was dropped for the second half, I was doing really well.’ I nodded not really wanting a conversation with an annoyed rough football player, but somehow I couldn’t walk away. I was transfixed by his naked strong chest and I was embarrassed to find myself examining his shorts to see how big his bulge was.

He noticed and smiled. ‘I could really do with a shag to get rid of my tension. I am just about to get in the shower do you want to join me?’ He stripped off his shorts and stepped into the shower. I could hear the water running from behind the wall of the showers. I dithered a moment. I had never done anything like this before; I had always remained faithful to my husband. But he was gone now and I hadn’t made love since he left 4 years ago. I waited no longer and began to strip off my clothes, firstly my long boots then my jeans, t-shirt, bra and thong.

I gingerly walked around the wall of the shower to find the football player completely covered in soap and fingering his huge erection. I expected him to be rough with me but thankfully he was very gentle. Without saying a word he took the soap and began to massage my now wet body all over. He started on by back and down to my ass and legs. Then he walked around to the other side of me and soaped my chest and breasts very gently. He ran his hands over and over my nipples until they stood out hard and erect. Then he ran his delicate fingers over my stomach. He gently parted my thighs and began to run his soapy hands over my slit. He found my clitoris very easily and soon began to rub it with just the right amount of pressure. I was soon melting and couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside me. I began to finger his erection to hint that was ready for him inside me.

He wasn’t taking any of it and he moved my hands away and began to gently push his fingers inside my pussy. He slipped inside easily as I was very horny now and his fingers were still soapy. He began thrusting his fingers gently inside me. It was so long since I had anything inside me as I had never bought a vibrator for fear of my son catching me. It felt so good being touched inside, I felt almost like a virgin again as he explored inside me with his long fingers. I began to shudder with pleasure and I knew that if he continued for long I would come. He used his other hand to stroke my clitoris and I moaned loudly as I was about to come. He stopped stroking me and removed his fingers preventing me from coming.

Then he bent me over, placing my hands on the wall and putting my legs astride. I felt him press behind me and his cock was sliding inside me. I gasped with pleasure as I was filled up. As he began to thrust inside me, I began to scream as I could feel his cock swelling even larger. I was right on the edge of coming and he knew it. He told me to play with myself and I felt obliged to obey him. I used one hand to touch my nipples and rub around them. With the other hand I stroked my clitoris. It was heaven and I was screaming so loud I thought that everyone nearby would hear me. He began to thrust inside me quicker and longer and I could feel and orgasm building inside me. I matched his rhythm desperately thrusting back on his cock trying to bring on the urgency of my orgasm. I rubbed my clitoris frantically and began to shake as the orgasm started. As he felt me starting to come he pumped inside me even faster and I came harder and longer than I ever had before. Then I came again and again. I shrieked with pleasure and came one last time fully satisfied.

He withdrew his cock and I turned around to face him plastering his face and chest with kisses. He was stroking his erection and I gently massaged his balls as he came all over my breasts. I massaged in the come and even found myself tasting some before I positioned myself back under the jet of water. Once I was clean I silently left the shower and dried myself with a towel I found in a pile on the floor. They were all clean obviously ready for the after match shower.

I quickly put my sexy clothing back on and found my way back to the hot dog stand. When I returned to my father and son they had hardly noticed that I was missing.


Feel Sexy in Camisole Lingerie

Lingerie. Ah, now that’s one sexy treat!

These days, lingerie is the trend in women’s underwear – and one that shows no signs of fading away. Lingerie is a hot ticket to romance, to wild adventures and uninhibited performances behind closed doors. More and more women in the United States, as well as in other Western countries, are opting to wear lingerie in an effort to make themselves feel good and make things in the bedroom hotter than ever. Indeed, with the magic it brings, it’s safe to say that lingerie is here to stay!
Lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes, from sets for the slim and slender to selections for the curvy, plus size woman. There’s a style of lingerie that fits everyone’s needs. Aside from that, lingerie also comes in many different materials, from modest cotton to sensual satin, and many styles as well, from the traditional teddy to the cool camisole.
Nowadays, there are different kinds of plus size lingerie you can choose from. The camisole is a common choice among all women, including those like you. These days, plus size women can also enjoy looking ultra sexy, thanks to companies who cater to needs of those with voluptuous forms – and offer plus size lingerie, including plus size camisoles.
The camisole, sometimes called the cami, is an undergarment that functions as a cover for the upper portion of the woman’s body. While it has been compared to the chemise, the camisole, in contrast to its loose-fitting cousin, is tight-fitting and really works to promote and accentuate your body’s shape.
You can wear the camisole in different ways, such as cropping or tying the bottom part to expose your midriff, or putting a sheer robe over it to tease hungry eyes. Some women wear the camisole over a bra, especially when they wear it as a top for work with a blazer or jacket worn over it. If you prefer to go braless or don’t want to wear more than one clothing article, there are camisoles that come with a built-in underwire bra. You can also find camisoles that come with adjustable and removable straps, and most come with a matching thong, boy shorts, or regular panty.
These days, you can find camisoles that are accessorized with other fun and fashionable materials, including glitters, sequins, buttons, and other appliqués. These choices can help you choose the camisoles that best matches your personality or that will help you create the persona you want to have in your bedroom encounters. Plus size camisoles also offer a variety of styles that can help you reveal the body parts that you’re most proud of and conceal those that you’re not comfortable to put on blatant display. You can even play up the visual treat by teasing your partner with a little game of hide and seek, in which certain body parts are kept hidden until the right moment.
Plus size camisoles can really release the sex goddess in you, and you can be anyone you want to be!